MC Food: A Vast Array of Multicultural Celebration

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On March 25th, the students of Montgomery College gathered to showcase the diverse culture of their native communities. On display was a tapestry of richly textured beauty, with each student forming a unique thread.

Key to the vibrant experience was the food, a vast array of flavors from the islands of the Caribbean and South America to the West and East of Africa to South Asia.

Below is a selection of some participants and their favorite dishes:

“Salteñas are baked empanada from Bolivia, they represent south American culture. I’m from Ecuador and we have the same thing in my country.” -Suanethe Zambrano

Saadi Mahmood of Pakistan


“Bint al sahn is a layered filo pastry in Yemen that’s baked, topped with black sesame seeds and drizzled with Yemeni honey. I love this dish because it reminds me of family gatherings every Friday. And it’s so sweet crispy yet chew and warm.” -Rayyana Alkebsi

“The beef patties were good.” -Niya Burrows

Oscar Ramirez of Venezuela


“My favorite cuisine from Uganda is maritime because that’s the main dish that represents the country’s pride…It’s basically green plantain. Its prepared by steaming and mashing.” -Nasser Katamba

“Salteñas because they were juicy.” -Josue Castillo

“Beef tibs and injera.” -Rashod Sibert

Table from El Salvador


“Beef patty.” -Abraham Lumbku


“Beef patty.” -Rashani Williams

Thurman Chatman and Rashod Sibert of African American Culture


Ann Weisgerber, whose family is from Ireland, chose her favorite food: samosas.


Fenet Degemu and Sarah Haj Hamad of Ethiopia and Malaz Ibrahim of Sudan