The League of Women Voters to Students: “Get Out and Vote”

Use the voice you are given.

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The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization that helps eligible citizens register to vote. On September 17, volunteers of the LWV came to Montgomery College’s Takoma Park/Silver Spring campus to register students to vote. Judy Cochran, one of the volunteers that day, believes that voting is imperative.

“It’s your voice,” Cochran said. “If you want your voice heard, if you care about issues that affect your life, then you must vote.”

Although there is a high demand for people to participate in the voting process, Cochran recognizes that the majority of the younger generation disengage themselves. Particularly, in local elections.

“Some of why I think people don’t bother to vote is because it takes a little time to be informed, to find out what the issues are,” she said.

To encourage voting, the LWV has published and distributed free voter guides and promoted voter education. In turn, this will help registered voters make an informed decision on Election Day.

“We ask questions that all of the candidates must answer. We don’t edit it,” Cochran explained. “So, a voter can read that and know where a candidate stands and compare them.”

The league is also providing free student membership within the organization, which students do not have to be a United States citizen for. By joining the League of Women Voters, you partake in many responsibilities, such as giving out voter guides, registering voters, and analyzing issues. Students can earn volunteer credit for their contribution to the league. They may do so by checking in with the Student Life Office, located in the Charlene R. Nunley Student Services Center.

Voting is a privilege that many young and eligible people should take more advantage of. If not, they miss out on a chance to likely better their communities.

“Unfortunately, when you don’t vote, you let go of voting on some issues that really affect your life,” Cochran concluded.

Volunteers from the Board of Elections came to the campus once again on October 11 to register students to vote. Check out the slideshow above to see the students here who are getting involved!

The online voter registration for Maryland ended on Tuesday, October 16. If there are students of Montgomery College’s TP/SS campus who missed out, they may still register to vote in person during the Early Voting week of October 26 through November 1. The nearest location from here to register is the Silver Spring Civic Building, located at 1 Veterans Pl, Silver Spring, MD 20910. It is only one bus ride away.