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Brown is Beautiful – James Lepinsky Contreras

Sarojinee Rathor

Sarojinee Rathor

Sarojinee Rathor

Brown is Beautiful – James Lepinsky Contreras

The soles of my shoes are the same shade

As the colors that connect me to the ground

Holding onto this earthy hue, worrying of its fade

Shooting my optimism ever which way and all around

Unfortunately, the castles near my neighborhood

Haven’t made me feel too sure about my own skin

The same castles where history once stood

However, no dollar could ever surmount the worth of me within

I fear the day that history will repeat itself

So I carved my own path and will

This complexion makes me feel like myself

Make believe that time never stand still

The road may seem narrow and scathing, but here is a thought that prove useful

Just understand that brown is beautiful

– james lepinsky contreras

april 1, 2018