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Love is a Plant – James Lepinsky Contreras

Sarojinee Rathor

Sarojinee Rathor

Sarojinee Rathor

Love is a Plant – James Lepinsky Contreras

Love is a plant

It needs watering

It needs to be cared for

And watched

Needs good roots, a plentiful soil

Basking in the light of the sun

And energy and strength will come

Any ordinary person would tell you

That every garden requires maintenance

This is something I just learned


Love is a tree

Holding the fruits of our labor

A weighty oak trunk

Forever standing tall

Love can give you the ability

To do most, if not all

All this work and they don’t feel like trees

But pillars and towers of support

And shade for the sometimes scathing sun


Just like a row of daffodils on a sunny spring day

Or a sea of black-eyed susans

Love is a flower, lovely to look at

But underneath are the veins

That scream and cry, hug and kiss

That guard and lie, let passion rush in


Trust is a dandelion

Opens up for the morning

Yet fragile and ready for mourning

So next time the wind carries you away

Just be mindful of erosion or drought

Keep in mind if your roots are intact


The season of blooming starts here and now

With the one I love

When we lie together under the pale blue sky

We’ll finally be free as doves

I’ve never been one to smile

But now I’m keeping it for days

Because your love is a flower

It is here to stay.


– james lepinsky contreras

april 8, 2018