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Broken sink in Science North Building laboratory.

Broken sink in Science North Building laboratory.

Broken sink in Science North Building laboratory.

Campus Changes Are Coming Soon to the Takoma Park Campus

November 3, 2017

Montgomery College plans to construct a new math and science center where Science South and Falcon Hall are located on the Takoma Park/Silver Spring campus.

“We should see a new math and science center 4 years from now,” said Brad Stewart, VP and Provost of the College. Stewart says designs for this plan should not start until the first of next year.

President DeRionne Pollard, announced the decision to incorporate the 2013- 2023 Facilities Master Plan, which lays out the plan to renovate and rebuild buildings on the east campus of MC TP/SS.

Archictural drawing of the Facilities Master Plan 2013-2023 goal. Building 1 is the new math and science center located where Falcon Hall and Science South is now.

The plan shows that many of the buildings on the east campus were built in the late 1970’s, except for Science South which was built in 1962. Falcon Hall, Science South, and Science North have all been evaluated as in poor condition.

Terry Patamawenu, Instructional Lab Coordinator at MC TP/SS campus, said the science north building, which holds many of the labs on campus, has been the same building he went to school in, in 1984.

Broken oven in Science North laboratory.

Patamawenu still works in the building and has dealt with many gas leaks and problems fixing the building. Much of the tools and parts needed are outdated or no longer made. Stewart confirmed the same.

Stewart said the project got delayed twice for lack of funds. Since the county and state pay for the buildings the school must prioritize campus changes.

Stewart witnessed the west campus being built when entering his position at MC TP/SS. The west side of campus has its own character independent from the east side of campus with its’ newly built Cultural Arts Center (2010), Health Sciences Center (2004) and The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation Arts Center (2007).

Funding for the new math and science center will come from the county and state under Capital Budgets and Capital Improvements Programs. Total funding that will be provided is $87.9 million.

The new building will be 134,000 square feet.

Students, faculty and staff should expect a few temporary changes during construction. Certain math and science courses will be relocated during time of construction, and Falcon Hall parking lot will be closed. Additional parking arrangements will be made if necessary.